Few new-millennium acts seem to have gotten the balance of familiar ’80s-club emotional throb and original contemporary energy just right, but this Austin-by-way-of-Orlando quartet is one of ’em. Songs from the group’s upcoming full-length On The Sleeve sacrifice neither groove nor heft to their quest for resonant quality songcraft. There’s an earnestness to their tunes that defies the over-it, overly detached posturing of so much danceable rock, that pairs the cool with an engaging humanity. Also, of course, they kill it.

“ … plucky post-millennial indie rock.” – Aversion

Release: On the Sleeve, New Granada NG017 2009 (Coming soon!)
For fans of:
Bloc Party, Arcade Fire, Stars, The Church
Belle Du Jour & VCR


After vacating the drum stool for Lookout! Records soul-punk act The Washdown, Heath Dupras fleshed out his own songwriting with some help from ex-Pohgoh drummer Keith Ulrey. Eventually fellow Washdowners Michael Waksman and Bryan Bates came aboard, and Zillionaire emerged as a layered, thoughtful and innately melodic alternative to the scene’s kitschy irony and prog-skronk. Like the band itself, last year’s The Street Lights Have Been Turned Down works at its own pace, building deceptively fragile guitar work into tidal orchestrations both mesmerizing and muscular.

“Sprawling culmination of college rock slowcore that’s melodic, dissonant and ominous.” – CMJ

Zillionaire has revived new life into a genre that faded without much resistance … it’s refreshing to hear it back.” – Performer

… a brazenly 1990s slow flow appropriate for the coldest stretch of the year.” – Pitchfork

Release: The Street Lights Have Been Turned Down, New Granada NG103 2008
For fans of:
Versus, Seam, Bedhead, Chavez
FREE MP3’s: No Contest & The Gardener


Whether inspiring scads of posthardcore peers long before “emo” became a buzzword or flirting with dance-y styles back when it seemed like madness, Hankshaw were always ahead of their time. So they took a minute to let everybody else catch up, and now they’re off again. Original members Harold Hasselback, Brian Roberts and John Gatto have been joined by veteran bassist Chris Deininger, and are back to crafting the kind of dynamic and singularly cathartic forward-thinking rock that helped define the blueprint for an entire generation of edge-of-mainstream heroes.

“ … a perfect balance of old and new … ” – Creative Loafing

Release: Upcoming New Granada Release!
For fans of:
Smoking Popes, Doughboys, Shudder to Think
FREE MP3’s: Angels & Frogs & So Long


Songwriter Matt Slate (Pohgoh, The Maccabees) did more with his all-in-one bedroom studio than a lot of more well-known artists can get out of a big-name producer and an embarrassingly bloated budget. Part of it is his fearless ingenuity when it comes to arrangements; the guy’s just got a unique ear for loops, layered effects, and found-sound percussion. But mostly, it’s his songs – warm, evocative, and so strong that their simple, organic beauty is always enhanced, and never overpowered, by his always-interesting grab bag of secondhand sonics. His CD Entropy simultaneously defines and defies the archetype of the singer-songwriter shaping his own vision.

“Simply Stunning.” – Smother

“It took Slate 5 years to get back to writing songs again … his music is too good to be kept away for that long again.” – Delusions of Adequacy

” … an artful collection of intricately crafted electro-folk songs … it’s a refreshingly rich and unpredictable mix drenched in reverb and spacious effects.” – NPR’s ‘Second Stage”

Release: Entropy, New Granada NG014 2008

For fans of:
Animal Collective, The Brians (Eno and Wilson), Portastatic
FREE MP3’s: Animals (Part One) and Decades


With her inimitable vocals and disarming presence, Susie Ulrey has charmed listeners in Tampa Bay and far beyond for more than a decade as the voice of bands like Stitch, Pohgoh and The Maccabees. Her latest project finds her teamed up with fellow tunesmith Michael Waksman and host of seasoned New Granada sessioners. The result is both stripped-down and sophisticated, a spate of confessional and conversational songs proving that old theory about quiet, when it’s done right, being far more effective than loud. Touches of casual front-porch vibe subtly adorn a sound that never sells out its indie-pop roots for trendy faux Americana.

“Delicate, sweetly expressive and powerful … ” – tbt*

Release: Upcoming New Granada release!
For fans of:
Ida, Ron Sexsmith, Low
FREE MP3’s: Stay Tuned!


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  1. Candy Bars are still a band. New songs are abound, they just played New World in January. Danny is currently at UofF. So, the band is temp on hiatus until they can set aside time to record their next record (which will happen!).

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